TUMLING: A Tiny Village Way to Sandakphu

Tumling is a very beautiful hamlet in Eastern Himalayas. The place is familiar to those who have done the Sandakphu trek. Sandakphu is going through this route.
This place mainly belongs to Nepal District but there is no travel restriction for Indians. It is difficult to understand that the border of India and Nepal is located here.
The place is situated at an altitude of 9600 above sea level. 13 to 14 Nepali families live here.
This place has become famous for the Kanchenjunga view because the entire Sleeping Buddha of Kanchenjunga can be seen here.
During winter, there is a lot of snowfall, and the place is covered with a thick layer of snow.

Where is Located?

How to Reach Tumling

To reach Tumling first you have to go to Manebhanjan. Manebhanjan can be reached by two roads One via Ghoom and another via Mirik.
If you go to Tumling and Sandakphu from Manebhanjan, outside vehicles are not allowed to go further, so you have to take a vehicle from Singalila Landrover Owner’s Welfare Association. It takes about an hour to reach Tumling from here.

Best time to Visit

You can visit here at any time of the year, but the best time to see the full range of Kanchenjunga Sleeping Buddha is from October to February. The best time to see snowfall is from December to January.

Nearest Place to Visit

  • Singalila National Park-The gate of Singalila National Park is just one kilometer from Tumling. National Park can be visited from here.
  • Sandakphu-This is the highest peak in West Bengal. The place is just 8 km from here so one can easily visit Sandakphu from here
  • Tonglu- This place is located at a distance of only two kilometers from here. Many people come to Tumling by trekking from Tonglu.
  • Meghma- Just 4 km away from here is another beautiful place called Meghma.

What to Do (Activities)

  • Village Visit- You can explore the village to enhance the natural beauty. You can get more details about this place by talking to local people here.
As it is located near Singalila National Park, if you are lucky you can spot some high-altitude Himalayan wildlife like Red Pandas and Himalayan Black Bear.
  • Trekking-The place is very ideal for trekking. From here you can trek Sandakphu, Dhotrey, Tonglu, Meghma, etc.
  • Sleeping Buddha (Kanchenjunga)– If the sky is clear, the entire range of Sleeping Buddha of Kanchenjunga from Tumling can be seen as seen from Sandakphu.

Staying Duration

2 to 3 Days

Important Contact Numbers

  • Singalila Landrover Owner’s Welfare Association (Manebhanjan):
    Phone No- 9800667075, 9733168398
  • Tumling Homestay :
    Siddharth Lodge- 9593292971, 9593320408
    Shikhar Lodge- 08509351600 / 9232695120
    Gurung Homestay- 9749663881 / 6294574692
    Mountain Lodge- 092305 43807
    Green Hill Paradise Hotel- 977 981-8904958

Important Travel Tips

  • When going to Tumling, after Manebhanjan, outside vehicles are not allowed. So it is better to book the car in advance and come here. If you want to book a car, you have to book from Singalila Land Rover Owners Welfare Association.
  • As the place is located at a high altitude, it gets cold all year round so it is better to have enough cold clothes.
  • As the place is located in a completely remote area, there are no hospitals and medicine shops, so it is better to carry enough necessary medicines.
  • There are very few homestays compared to the popularity of the place so it is better to contact the homestay and book in advance.

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