Bidyang Valley

Bidyang Valley: An Offbeat Destination near Kalimpong

BIDYANG VALLEY is an offbeat destination located very close to Kalimpong. It has located just 17 km from Kalimpong. Here the Relli river merges with the green waters of the Teesta.
For those who want to see natural beauty in the lap of the Himalayas, the beauty of the mountains shining with light, and the experience of staying along the mountain river, there is another quiet village called Bidyang Valley.
This valley is surrounded by various unknown trees, and there is the golden magic of sunrise and sunset. The constant chirping of birds at Bidyang Valley adds to the beauty here.
The main attraction here is to spend the night along the Relli river. You will be impressed by the beauty of the hanging bridge over the river.

Where is Located?

How to reach Bidyang Valley?

The place is located at a distance of 83 km from Siliguri and only 16 km from Kalimpong. So those who want to come by train will have to reach NJP and those who are coming by flight will have to reach Bagdogra first.
You can reach here directly by hiring a private car from Siliguri. And those who want to come at a little less cost can first reach Kalimpong by share car from Siliguri. And can reach Bidyang by hiring a private car from Kalimpong on the way to Algarah.
The private car fare from Kalimpong to Bidyang Valley is around Rs.1000-1500.

Best time to visit

You can come here at any time of the year, but when the rainy season comes here, the river Ralli becomes bigger and the surroundings are filled with greenery.

What to do (Activities)

  • Hanging Bridge-Bidyang has a wooden suspension bridge that is a famous tourist attraction. Tourists spend time walking through the bridge, enjoying the green nature all around.
  • River Camping-As the place is situated on the banks of the Relli River, riverside camping is possible here. If you ask the local people, they will arrange it.
  • Village Walking-Full of natural beauty, the hanging bridge, and various butterflies to look around, the village is full of greenery you can explore on foot.
  • Waterfall Visit-There is a small waterfall very close to the village which tourists can explore.

Best Homestay in Bidyang Valley

There are only two homestays here, across and across the river. Two homestays are located on the just banks of the Relli River.
  • Relli river side Homestay- (Rs.1200 / person/day – Including food and Lodging)-
    Phone No- 8670057310, 7319513604, 7679361809
  • Doon Valley Nature Retreat- (Rs.1500 / person/day – Including food and Lodging)-
    Phone No- 7908154984, 9330435804, 7001612507

Important Travel Tips

  • There are only two homestays so it is better to book in advance. You may not get a room if you do not book in advance.
  • Try to bring a big car that has good ground clearance because the road at the end is very bad and there is a chance of getting stuck if you bring a small car.
  • If you want to see the beauty of the Relli River, it is better to come during the rainy season, when the surroundings are filled with greenery and the water in the river rises a lot

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