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Gurdum: The silent valley in Darjeeling

Gurdum is a small village at the foot of the Himalayas, the place where you can dream of reliving this upcoming short vacation.
The village is surrounded by greenery and a peaceful atmosphere. The best destination is to lose yourself in nature for a few days.
The eye-catching beauty of the rhododendron makes this village more beautiful.
You can enjoy snowfall in winter. It seems that someone has covered the village with a white sheet in winter.
Gurdum village is next to the Singalila range which is well known for the Sandakphu-Phalut trek.

Where is Located?

How to Reach Gurdum?

Gurdum is just 5 km from Manebhanjan. So from Siliguri, you can take any car via Sukhiya Pokhri to Manebhanjan. Or you can come directly from Siliguri to Manebhanjan and then Gurdum by booking a car.
If you are coming from Darjeeling then take a share cab to Sukhiyapokhri. From there the same route reaches Manebhanjan and then Gurudum.

Best Time to Visit

Winter (December to January) is the best time to visit if you want to enjoy the snowfall. During this time the sky is also clear so you can enjoy nature in a better way during this time.
Many tourists come here during summer due to its coolness throughout the year.
Moreover, you can come here at any time of the year to enjoy nature.

Nearest Place to visit

  • Tumling– This is a popular place on the way to Sandakphu which is just 5 km by trekking and 15 km by road from Gurdum.
  • Srikhola- Another beautiful place Srikhola is just 10 km away from this place.
  • Tanglu- This place is just before the Tumling. You can reach this place in 4 km by trekking and 12 km by road.
  • Manebhanjan-Manebhanjan is called to be the base camp of Sandakphu trekking which is only 5 km away from this place.
  • DhotreyA small village is full of natural beauty called Dhotrey. It is just 14 km from here near a very popular offbeat location in Darjeeling.

Activities at Gurdum

  • Trekking-Gurdum fully trekking route is mainly used this route while back from Sandakphu. Also, there are some small trekking that you can do through the forest.
  • The camping-The place is ideal for camping. Almost all homestays here have camping facilities.
  • Village Walk-You can enjoy the small village full of natural beauty on foot
  • Organic Farm visit-Organic farming can be called another livelihood of the people here. You can visit this farm.
  • Damberkhola waterfalls-Just 3 km from Gurdum you will find the famous “Damberkhola” waterfall.

Best Homestay in Gurdum

Locals have built some homestays in the village. This quiet village with a few families will welcome you with hospitality.
  • ¬†Village Homestay
    Phone no-8116738188
  • Mingma Homestay
    Phone No-8918827770

Important Travel Tips

  • ¬†Note that cabs do not go to the village, you have to trek uphill for 10-15 minutes to reach the village. Not recommended for elderly people.
  • If you want to see rhododendron, you have to come here between April and May
  • The village is in an offbeat location so be sure to bring essential medicines while coming here as you won’t find any medicine shops nearby.

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