10 Offbeat Homestays Near Darjeeling

Offbeat homestays are nestled in the lap of hills and greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this blog post, we will take a look at these hidden homestays, giving you a guide to the perfect offbeat homestay near Darjeeling.
Wake up to the melodious chirping of birds, breathe in the pure mountain air, and witness the untouched beauty that surrounds these hidden retreats.
Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in community activities organized by the homestay hosts.
Admire the picturesque views of snow-capped mountains or green valleys from offbeat homestays. These offbeat homestays near Darjeeling will help you get a closer look at the natural beauty.

#1. Koilee Homestead (Tukvar Tea Estate)

Koilee Homestay Darjeeling
Koilee Homestay is a rustic wooden cottage with modern comforts in the middle of a tea plantation 8 km from Darjeeling city, ideal for mountain views, meditation, armchair bird watching, outdoor activities and adventures, and local organic food and drinks.
It is a homestay with basic amenities. The location is perfect because of the tea plantation and Mt. Kanchenjunga view.

#2. Risheehat Farmstay (Risheehat)

Offbeat Homestay Near Darjeeling
Risheehat is a paradise for nature lovers. One of the best offbeat places near Darjeeling. The distance from Darjeeling to Risheehat is only 15 kilometers.
There are very few homestays to stay here; the best homestay is Risheehat Farmstay.
If you want to spend two days in peace, then come to this homestay. Here you will get the magnificent view of Kanchenjunga along with the mesmerizing view of Darjeeling at night. You will get the taste of tea picked from the garden.

#3. Woods Nature Camp (Upper Sittong)

If you are a bit of an adventure lover and are planning to visit Sitong, Woods Nature Camp Homestay might be ideal for you. From where the car comes, it is a 10-minute walk through the tea gardens. This 10-minute walk allows you to immerse yourself in nature and adventure.
A stay here will mesmerize you, as the entire range of Kanchenjunga with tea plantations on one side and the entire city of Siliguri on the other can be seen from this homestay.

#4. Rainbow Valley Resort (Kalej Valley)

Kalej valley
Discover the vibrant charm of Darjeeling at Rainbow Valley Resort in Kalej Valley, Darjeeling. Away from the tourist rush, this homestay is ideal for offbeat destination lovers. The place is just 12 km from Darjeeling.

#5. Bastha Homestay (Sittong)

Sittong Bastha Homestay
If you’re looking for an offbeat homestay along a mountain river in Darjeeling with an orange grove, then come to Bastha Homestay in Sittong.
The homestay is located in the middle of the forest, on the banks of the mountain river. Here, you will get a chance to stay in nature with very good hospitality.

#6. Little Forest Homestay (Mim Tea Garden)

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Darjeeling’s tea plantations and view Mount Kanchenjunga from a homestay, come to Little Forest Homestay, an offbeat homestay in Mim Tea Gardens.
This homestay is located in Mim Tea Estate, the famous tea garden of Darjeeling, just 24 kilometers from Darjeeling.

#7. Suma Aavaas Farmstay (Lebong)

Suma Aavaas farmstay in lebong
A true haven away from the busy city life. Located in Lebong, very close to Darjeeling, this homestay is called Suma Aavaas Farmstay. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our peaceful surroundings, which are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
This homestay ensures a restful stay with cozy and comfortable accommodations and well-maintained rooms that guarantee a good night’s sleep.

#8. Chetna Farmstay (Jhepi)

Many of you may have heard of this offbeat place called Jhepi. It is part of the Bijanbari block of Darjeeling district. This is an offbeat farmhouse called Chetna Farmstay.
Jhepi River is right in front of your entertainment. This farm stay has a lot to offer you. Do visit this offbeat homestay if you have time.

#9. Little Rangit Homestay and Camping

If you are looking for a place with scenic natural beauty, hills around the homestay, silence, and no pollution, then Little Rangit homestay and Camping is best for you.
If you like the sound of the flowing, small, colorful river and spending time sitting on the river bank, fishing in the river, then definitely come here once. The river can be seen from the room, and sounds can be easily heard.

#10. Gumbadara Viewpoint Homestay (Tinchuley)

Gumbadara viewpoint
Gumbadara viewpoint is a famous viewpoint located in Thinchule, Darjeeling district. Located next to this viewpoint is the Gumabadra View Point Homestay. From here, you can see Kanchenjunga and Sunrise, with the entire Peshak tea plantation on one side.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Offbeat Homestay

  • Define your preference: Understand what kind of experience you’re looking for. Are you interested in a remote location, a unique architectural style, or a specific cultural experience?
  • Flexibility: Know the homestay rules regarding check-in and check-out times and any other policies. Some offbeat homestays may have different rules than traditional accommodations.
  • Read reviews: Check the reviews of the homestay before finalizing the homestay. Find out about the experiences of previous guests.
  • Ask questions: Contact the host before booking. Ask questions about the property, the location, and any specific requirements you may have. It can also give you a sense of the host’s responsiveness and friendliness.


Escape the hustle and bustle of life and visit an offbeat homestay near Darjeeling. Enjoy life and create a lasting memory surrounded by the untouched beauty of the Himalayas. Your offbeat adventure awaits.